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    Graduation project about : gibson gutar "firebird x "
Graduation project about : Gibson Guitar " Firebird X  "
An evolution of the 1960s classic Gibson Firebird model , the Firebird X  is loaded  with ground-breaking technologies like fourth-generation Robot tuners for automatic tuning, onboard effects based on computer plug-in technology, and wireless Bluetooth pedals  for unsurpassed usability on stage and in the studio
In addition , the Gibson Firebird  X is designed for compatibility with hardware and applications developed by third party companies-an industry first. Gibson's "Pure-Analog" Engine makes  this possible  in conjunction  with an authorized App store , where vendors can sell Gibson-compliant applications    
Limited   to   1,800 models in two   unique  finishes  - Redolution and  Bluevolution -  the
Gibson Firebird X will retail for $5,570 msrp In novation has always been the driving force at Gibson and the Firebird X is nothing short of groundbreaking" says Henry Juszkiewicz
The Gibson Firebird X has a lightweight body (six pounds total) made from hand-sorted swamp ash; a thin, fast, asymmetrical rock maple neck with a smooth, non-stick satin finish; and a maple finger board. Gibson has also developed the unique ProX case to protect the instrument, with the ability to survive a fall from a sixty-foot building

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