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Rematch Design specs and visual identity
Rematch: Bridging the gap between donors and non profits.
Client: The Pittsburgh Foundation
Role: Design Lead | UX Research | Visual Design 
Collaborated with: project manager, product owner, research lead and design technologist
Duration: 8 months | January 2020 - August 2020
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Final responsive web platform image on Mobile and Desktop
Design details

Designing the Logo and establishing the visual identity
Visual Identity Mood board for the Colour, Logo and, Look and feel
Logo Design process: Word mark, Monogram, Icons and, then the Combined designs 

Iterations of the final logo design

Early sketches of Rematch
(L): Early sketches of different aspects of a matchmaking tool for concept testing. 
(R): Wireframes for the final design of a matchmaking tracker tool

Key features of Rematch
Donor-first and grant-first matchmaking
The Donor Services Officers(DSOs) have a dual view of the donors and grants, allowing them to make better recommendations.
“Matchmaking so far has been very grant-first but our job titles have Donor-Services in them, so first and foremost, we want to provide the best service for our donors.” - Donor Services Officers

Detailed donor information
Rematch provides the DSOs with a complete picture of the donor assisting them with efficient decision-making, for being able to confidently recommend grants to donors.
“Wow I’m just not so used to having all this information here and I have to think where do I need to look for it!” - Donor Services Officers

Matchmaking statistics
In the Match Tracking section, DSOs see both currently pending matches as well as matchmaking history. At a glance, DSOs can check to see how receptive their donor has been in the past, including both comments about what worked or did not work as well as quick-hitting stats such as the success rate.

Colour and Text styles
Rematch's Design system
Rematch's site map
Scenario 1: Donor first matchmaking process

Scenario 2: Grant first matchmaking process
Rematch Design specs and visual identity

Rematch Design specs and visual identity

Our clients at The Pittsburgh foundation approached us to find ways in which a technological innovation could help promote responsible philanthro Read More