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    Package design project for school.
To prevent breakage, half of a bag of chips is air, and half again of the box the chips are shipped in is air. Shipping is expensive, and that's an awful lot of air to ship. I designed this boxed chip as a green(er) alternative to traditional snack chip packaging. I designed it to be 100% compostable, with LEED and Forest Stewardship Council certification in mind.
I chose popular kettle chip flavors to design these packages, using colors and imagery appropriate to the flavors while maintaining a cohesive identity.
This is the banner for the top of a retail display rack that might be displayed at a market or bar.
Mock-up retail display rack. (I am not a phototgrapher!)
Simple web page.
Posterboard prototype of the internal box, and the laser-cut chipboard final product.
Each tab of the box contains recipes that include the snack chips, and there is a card game etched on the bottom to give the consumer something to do while eating, a la the back of a cereal box.
Complete unfolded wrapper showing crimp areas and folds.