A Porta (The Door)
An in-house project made by BL3ND, with the purpouse of developing new characters and skills. All process was done in our spare time, so the production lingered between some others client jobs.

Filmed in a stranded park in Rio, this was our first reach in shooting and directing live action footage.
The talent:
Juan M. Díaz - directing, cameramatch, rendering, particle simulation, composing and sound design
Miguel Carregal - post-production effects, logo and vegetation texturing, modeling and animation.
Julian M. Díaz - character concept, modeling and texturing
Gabriela Besser - rigging and animation
Isabelle Grandguillot - rigging and animation
The tools:
Adobe AfterEffects - Camera stabilization and post-production effects
Adobe Audition - Sound Design
Adobe Premiere - Edit and finishing
Autodesk Maya - 3D content 
Canon 5D Mark II - Footage capture
PixelFarm PFTrack - Matchmoving
The Foundry Nuke - Composition
Some stills: