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  • OUR MISSION | Moxe feeds the fire of inner determination, confidence, boldness, and smarts of female athletes everywhere. Because the flame from within is your most powerful strength. Moxe is a community of female athletes. Through support, motivation, education, and empowerment, Moxe is here for you; providing the tools to feed your fire today.
  • OUR BRAND | Moxe is not just a word, it’s a philosophy, a lifestyle, a movement, an attitude. It’s about being strong and confident. We are a team of bold and determined women. The Moxe brand speaks to all the female athletes out there who have edge and aren’t afraid to show it off.
  • OUR APPLICATION | Join our moxe team. With our app take us along with you where ever you go; keep track of your goals, get motivated for the day, and find inspiration for your next challenge.
  • OUR ATHLETES | We know you love what you do, so why not show off what you’ve got on the inside? Moxe is feeling like you can conquer the world. Our athletes don’t listen to that voice in their head saying to stop; we keep going. Moxe pushes through the tired, through the sweat, through the excuses. Let the fire roar.