KSM stands for Katolickie Stowarzyszenie Młodzieży (Polish for “Catholic Youth Association”).
Holidays with Values - brochure design
Project of a brochure promoting holiday events called "Holidays with Values".

Event posters design
The Association was planning two events – eco-education workshops and so called “The Day of The Youth of This Land” (literal translation). The goal in this case was to make a poster series that shared the same style and that would attract youngsters to come and visit both events. The posters had to make the viewer come closer and read the content, making him more engaged in the process.
"Youth of This Land" - trifold leaflet design
I designed a promo leaflet about "Youth of This Land" social portal. The main objective was to present its general look and scope of its functionality.
“I Don’t Swim in Garbage” - posters and leaflets design
“I Don’t Swim in Garbage” is a Catholic Youth Association's action aimed at Polish rivers. Its main purpose is to educate swimmers, sailors, anglers and the rest of the river users that it’s a matter of their own will whether the rivers will be clean of garbage or not. I was asked to design several promotional materials, i.e. poster, leaflets and bookmarks.
Upper caption says: "Fish can jump out of the water if they want to."
Lower caption says: "Garbage can't. Leave the rivers clean."
Upper caption says: "Fish will feed you."
Lower caption says: "Garbage won't. Leave the rivers clean."
Upper caption says: "Fish can swim wherever they want to."
Lower caption says: "Garbage can't. Leave the rivers clean."
"Wastes for Valuable Jaunts" - project posters design
Catholic Youth Association organized an action of gathering bottle caps in order to protect the environment and fund an exciting holiday trip for children from poor families. The action's promo posters had to creatively build the vision of a fun and advantageous project.