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  • "Canal Cocina" - Channel branding
  • We have found ourselves doing TV channel branding almost exclusively in 2013. Last December we pitched and won not one or two, but four channel rebrandings for Spain’s Chello Multicanal!
    Their cooking channel was our first project and we used our digital molecular gastronomy techniques to tasty effect. Here’s the reel, fresh from the oven.
  • Credits
  • Client: Chello Multicanal España
    Creative Director: Sergio Saleh
    Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo
    Art Director: Adriana Campos
    Design: Adriana Campos, Andy Cambiasso
    Animation: Dario Becher, Damian Stricker
    Music: Provided by client
    Music for this reel: “Mal ô Mains” - Sanseverino