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Ka$ho 2.0 | Club Design

Glitch in the Matrix

Ka$ho is a nightclub inspired by a neon Tokyo from a distant future. We deconstructed every element in the space to a grid, then we glitched the grid. We also worked with multimedia specialists to create immersive lighting installations on the dance floor, walls, ceiling, and even bathrooms.

Creative Director: Tuan Le
Spatial Designers: Thu Le, Hung Le
Spatial Designer Support: Tram Dang
Interior Architect: Daniel Arce
Production Director: Nhung Ho
Account Director: Phuong Anh Nguyen
Account Manager: Huyen Vo
Photography: Duong Gia Hieu, Tuan Le, Kasho
Documentation: Trang Dinh, Khe Nguyen
Lighting: K-Production
Contractor: Tbd Construction

Ka$ho 2.0 | Club Design

Ka$ho 2.0 | Club Design