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    A miniature train set visual effect shot on a customized GoPro 3D rig for an outdoor live theater stage play.
The 3D Theatre Project was built for a live stage production of the "Starlight Express". The venue was special case with a number of unique requirements. The theater iself is exterior sitting amung the hills of Utah with a backdrop of a passive 3D rear projected screen, Instead of building sets, a virtual set is projected onto the screen, and in this case, in stereoscopic 3D.
I was hired  as the Stereographer and VFX Consultant to pull off this project which was entirely produced by the amazing Fon Davis and his team at FONCO for ex-imagineer Geoff Pucket.
The first thing we realized was that the GoPro stereo housing rig had two main issues. First, the lenses were still too far apart for the miniature shoot and secondly, there was too much play