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LAMPOO - Campaign
LAMPOO - Fashion with a future
Lampoo is an online marketplace to buy and sell authenticated pre-owned luxury fashion, with the aim to empower consumers to extend the life cycle and preserve the value of each piece of quality clothing, helping to inspire and build the future for sustainable fashion.

Launching the new brand Lampoo with a photographic campaign matching “Fashion with a future” creative positioning that can represent the love for quality fashion and the love for our planet.

We launched the campaign "Nature". We made our mission of a sustainable future even more explicit by communicating the combination of fashion and environment through a direct and impacting visual mechanics.
Agency: YOHOHO
Creative Director: Vittorio Perotti . Andrea Fagiolari
Art Director: Davide Di Gennaro
Copywriter: Luca Capece
Photographer: Bekka Gunther
LAMPOO - Campaign

LAMPOO - Campaign

Launch campaign for LAMPOO. We communicate the brand mission of a sustainable future through a direct and impacting visual mechanics where fashio Read More