AUTUMNAL WOMAN, oil, colored pencil and technical pen on board, About 14x11".
ATLANTEAN QUEEN, acrylic, airbrush and pen on canvas, 36x24". Created for a gallery show to benefit Save Our Seabirds of Sarasota, FL.
BIRD WOMAN, mixed media, 24x12". Interior children's book spread. Tale about a woman who communes with avians.
COREXIT 9527 aka "MISS DISPERSANT", chalk, acrylic airbrush, canned spray paint, 12x15'. Mural created on request of Sarasota Chalk Festival organizers, based on a previous digital work. Created in the wake of the 2010 Deep Water Horizon Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. For full artist statement, please visit (copy and paste link): The mural was featured on several blogs as well as street art/mural websites.
THE GREEN BOWL, oil on wall panel, 30x19".
GRASSHOPPER, acrylic on board, 14x11".
PEN DRAGON, Bic pen on Bristol board, 11x14".
IWO JIMA, acrylic on canvas, 24x36".
ALIEN, airbrush bodypainting. This was the first time I created bodypainting. The theme was "movie monsters". Heather was an amazing model to work with. A former acrobat, she was very enthusiastic about the art I painted on her, complete with mini-jaws and gnashing teeth. An obvious ode to HR Giger on my part, the imagery was popular at the art show, which was part of a Rosemary (District) Rising community event. It was enjoyable painting alternate musculature on her, as if she were adapted for inhabiting another, primal world.
Alien, Poison Ivy and others mix it up. By pure synchronicity, a gray blaster surfaced at the event that perfectly matched the HR Giger theme bodypaint. I painted the female Avatar's stripes, which another artist had run out of time for.
SARASOTA BOXING CLUB MURAL "THE WAR" (Hagler Hearns), acrylic on concrete, 10x10'. Mural painted to benefit the Sarasota Boxing Club. I received an outstanding achievement award from the club's president, at the unveiling attended by the (then) Sarasota mayor. For more info and progress photos, check out
GLOVES, acrylic on stucco, boxing club entrance.
TWO-LEGGED BASILISK, acrylic (airbrush) on tile, 15x15".