ZBrush demos. Each head was created in one session of about 2-3 hours, from Dynamesh spheres, using absolutely no photo reference. These creatures are created entirely from imagination, and intuition. Each started out as a demo for friends who had not seen ZBrush before. I started out explaining the process to my friends who watched, and I soon became engrossed in adding more and more to the images over the course or a few hours. Next step is to add a body for each. As with my 2-D work, as long as the eyes are looking good as an anchor of intelligence, the rest seems to fall into place naturally. It is amazing the amount of expression that is noticeable from many angles, before any animation takes place.
UPLAND BASILISK. Zbrush, created in one session, about 3 hours.
QUETZELION, SWORD OF VOLNOTH. ZBrush. Created in only a few hours using 3 Dynamesh sphere primitives. 3D Model was created native to ZBrush. Basic matcaps are applied. Quetzelion is a guard from another realm, who watches the wilderness borders of Volnoth. An exile of a forgotten kingdom, his kind are rarely seen, known for their advanced swordsmiths and alchemical skills. I visualize this character animated in a realistic way, rather than with exaggerated, comical or theatrical movements.
Base for a viking helmet was created using historical reference photos. The swords were created from a single base mesh from Shadowbox. After creating one, I tweaked several versions of it for varying results. It took about 30-45 minutes to make several assets from one sword, with a variety of looks that can be taken to the next level with textures, polypaint, etc. The dragon took a bit longer, but was also created using 1 Dynamesh sphere for the head, and 2 for the eyes.
SKULL. ZBrush. Created in a few sessions from Zbrush native Polyspheres, using about 5 skull photos from various angles. I "eyeballed" the process of creating the various angles, rather than placing the reference images on image planes and moving the mesh to match. I feel using skill rather than tracing leads to more dynamic, interpretive and imaginative anatomy (even though loosely resembling accurate anatomy). The lower jaw and upper skull are independent meshes. I created this before Dynamesh was introduced to ZBrush. It is a solid asset, to which horns, cracks, helmets, scales, and other elements could be added. This is the same skull duplicated in "Viking Sword in Stone" seen below.
Spock, created in Zbrush from one Dynamesh sphere, while looking at some low quality images from the STAR TREK original series on the Internet. This took about 3 or 4 hours one evening.
YOUNG DRAGON. ZBrush. This is the first dragon head I created in Zbrush. I used quite bold local color on the character with Polypaint.
The first sword I created in Zbrush 3, extruded wraps, handles and blade separate meshes. Only images remain of this sword, as the file is lost.
KORE aka AMAZON. An alternate hairdo for the first female and human model I created in ZBrush.
The first mesh I ever created in Zbrush. I convinced a computer animator friend to purchase Zbrush. After arriving at his place to visit, he fell asleep early for the evening. After watching tutorials for days previously, I stayed up engaged till dawn creating this mesh in excitement at the wonders of ZBrush!
Preliminary PolyPaint added. Eyelashes, pupils to be added later. Right now it has a bit of a possessed fantasy character look.