2020 Asia Team Group Show
 ~ A Selection of Dramatic and Story-telling Illustrators ~
This is a 2020 Group Show by Asia Team, especially featuring dramatic and story-telling illustrations by some members. I believe every artwork makes you imagine the background stories.
(Curator: Yukari MISHIMA)
Introduction of Each Artist
Anita Yan Wong, M.F.A., M.A., is an American Chinese Expressionist painter and the founder of Asia Team on Behance. She is best known for her distinct dynamic brush works and unique style of Contemporary Traditional paintings.
OFFICIAL ESPN Bruce Lee 2020 film poster & Ink Kittens by Asian American Artist Anita Yan Wong
Yukari MISHIMA is a freelance illustrator born and living in Hiroshima, Japan, creating comic-style but realistic illustrations for books, magazines, advertising medias etc.
The Atelier Sentô is a French duo (Cécile Brun & Olivier Pichard). Their artworks are inspired by their travels in Japan, the people they met and our drawings and photographs.
Pham Quang Phuc is not only an Illustration artist, but also an art editor and graphic designer in a publishing house for Children's books in Vietnam. Winner of ASEAN Illustration Award, Best in Fiction -2018
QU LAN is a freelance illustrator & designer born and raised in China, and living in France after her graduation. She has collaborated with numerous majors publishers and companies and received worldwide awards.
Ryouhei Murata is an illustrator born and living in Japan. He has created a lot of book illustrations for Japanese historical novels.
Xiaofei Yue (岳小飞) is a painter and illustration artist based in Beijing, China. Her artworks have been shown at  a lot of group and/or solo exhibitions in various countries, such as China, Korea, the USA, France, the UK etc.
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2020 Asia Team Group Show