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DELVAUX — Les Miniatures Around The World
Les Miniatures Around The World

An extraordinary, hilarious collection of masterpieces of sophisticated
creativity and extreme craftsmanship.
This is Miniatures, the brand new video project commissioned by Delvaux,
which follows our previous experience on their heritage video.
For this project,
we have conceived the concept of a trip around the global world,
accompanied by a hypothetical tour guide who starts from Belgium,
home of the brand and a source of great pride for them.
Each mini bag, 29 in total divided into 8 countries / cities,
suggested the storytelling and setting,
that we built from scratch and set up to house these mini clips.
What is your favorite?​​​​​​​

Miniatures Belgitude
Miniatures Cocorico
Miniatures Dolce Vita
Miniatures So British
Miniatures Big Apple
Miniatures Nippon
Miniatures China Dream
Miniatures Pearls of the Orient
Miniatures Republic of Korea

Project: DELVAUX — Les Miniatures Around the World

Produced & Directed by: Happycentro
Art Direction: Federico Galvani
Set design & Photography: Federico Padovani
Props Design: Andrea Alice Bronzetti, Erica Zipoli, Federico Padovani
Animation: Federico Padovani & Federico Galvani
Beautiful Hands by: Andrea Alice Bronzetti
Editing & Compositing: Fine Young Nicholas Bertini
Sound Design: TVCulture
Making Of Soundtrack: “Here We Go Again” by Jake Bradford Sharp
DELVAUX — Les Miniatures Around The World

DELVAUX — Les Miniatures Around The World