Kempen Streekview

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    How can you illustrate the tourist assets, the superbe accommodations and the fantastic promotions of
    "De Kempen"?
    We (Kunstmaan) developed "Kempen Streekview", an interactive map for the entire region.
    Zoom in, zoom out, drag and drop and many other tools make the platform a total experience. In addition with comments of a former Miss Belgium and a real "Kempische" beauty, Ann Van Elsen. She talks about the sights, but also ensures that you as a visitor can win a free two-night weekend. You only have to give the right answer to the tests of Ann (Cow cuddling, milking goats, eating rabbits shit, farmersgolf,...)
    All found on
    The campaign is supported and launched via radio (also with Ann Van Elsen), social media and an insert in
    OUT Magazine. In short: "Kempen Streekview, goegelt da mor is!"
    Art director: Stijn Jacquemyn / Johan Smeyers / Marnix Van Buyten
    Copywriter: Jordi De Beule / Marc Engels
    Illustrator: Kurt Limbos
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