Hand lettering since Nov 2012 - Dec 2013
This is just a collection of lettering and Illustrative lettering I've done over a span of 9 months when I first took it up which was somewhere around November of 2012. I took it up professionally somewhere around the beginning of this year and I'm gradually trying to improve my skills. 
Personal Lettering 
This was one of my second lettering projects I did as more of an illustrative piece and as a teaser.
Personal Lettering project inspired by the Sanborn Insurance Maps
This was my very first lettering I did somewhere around Nov of 2012. I posted this on reddit and people loved it and that motivated me to pursue lettering on a more professional level.
Illusion on paper. Flat perspective of A.
Standing A Illusion based on the flat A version thus creating an Illusion when seen at one focal point through a camera lens.
Based on the flat version X, a standing Xillusion is created when viewed through a camera lens.
Flat version of X as drawn on paper.
Illustrative Lettering Mockup for a Client.
This was more of a mockup for a client who wanted a vintage concept for a logo that was to go on totebags and so on and even a rubber stamp. 
Elephant Illusion - Flat version of elephant as drawn on paper.
Based on the flat version elephant, a standing elephant illusion is created when viewed through a camera lens.
Vectorised Experimentation Lettering using strokes
First Script Lettering
I did this for my wife to replace her age old sticker that she uses on her envelopes. One of my early digital lettering projects and my first shot at script lettering.
Custom Lettering - Client work
This was engraved onto a metal plate that was put on every guitar case. It was challenging to work on this given it had to work in 1 color.
My very first Business Card
I've never had a business card before but when I decided to do graphic design full time I figured I needed one and of course I had to letter it.
Personal Lettering Poster
This was made out of sheer humour because of the numerous people who always assume NY means NYC. Given how much my wife and I love upstate NY and the fact that we live here, I figured I should have something made that shows how beautiful Upstate NY is and possibly get people to appreciate it.
Pen n Ink - Greatness
This was more of a painstaking method I wanted to try using a sharpie marker to fill up the whole background and having the lettering in negative space. It was a bit tricky but I'm happy how it turned out.
Pen and Ink Lettering for a Wedding Reception Card
Vector version 
Pen and Ink mockup
Client work vector lettering
Pen n Ink lettering Mockup - Client work
Pen n Ink Lettering 
Personal Lettering Project (Vector Version)
Experimenting with script styles
Pen n Ink Lettering
Vector Version - Love for Boston 
Lettering for the people of boston supporting them during that horrific marathon incident this year.
Pen n Ink - Kanja - Client work
Pen n Ink - Dalliance - Client work
Vector Version - Ritu - Client work
Lettering for a friend who got me the dribbble invite
This piece apparently got lost in the post... so this is the last remaining photograph of it I have.
Vector Draft to be laser engraved onto a wallet.
Final rough sketch for Classy as Fuck
Rough sketch for a client. (Pen and Ink)
Just mocking the long shadow trend
Client work - For a book cover (Pen and Ink)
Rough Lettering For Client (Pen and Ink)
Just a random lettering idea. (Pen n Ink)
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