TBA — Teatro do Bairro Alto

TBA — Teatro do Bairro Alto              Branding                 2019 —​​​​​​​ 2020

The identification and affirmation of Teatro do Bairro Alto — once known as Cornucópia theatre or mistaken for Teatro do Bairro — assumes the designation of TBA, an acronym that informs its new identity, whether spoken
or visual. "TBA" is fortunate to coincide with the English acronym for "To be announced". Taking advantage of this fact allows TBA to have a new meaning: the announcement of something, the change of state, the novelty, the experimentation, the tension of expectation. Concepts and sensations are strongly associated with what will be the programme of this new space.

Appropriating its Anglo-Saxon character, TBA starts to imply “exterior”, the will to share without borders with an open vision. TBA becomes dense in its meaning but also heir of imagery references from the show business, such as the signs of the theatres and cinemas that announce the events taking place; the new-media universe, with footnotes from the news displaying the latest information; or even transportation signage where lines from stations or airport gates are announced.

Teatro do Bairro Alto


André Covas, André Duarte, Beatriz Marto, Joana Borges, Joana Marto, João Conde,
Lara Trindade, Liliana Fontoura, Miguel Palmeiro, Neuza Fonte, Pedro Sousa

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Samuel Traquina

Ana Viotti, Joana Linda, Pedro Penim, TBA,
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Pedro Gancho, Sara Morais

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TBA — Teatro do Bairro Alto

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TBA — Teatro do Bairro Alto

Branding and Website design for TBA (Teatro do Bairro Alto). Teatro do Bairro Alto is Lisbon’s new municipal theatre. It is dedicated to the crea Read More