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    SingTel Chinese New Year 2013
Elders Day Out
SIngTel Chinese New Year
Chinese New year is an auspisious time for the Chinese and Asian community. SingTel wanted to remind people of the values of family tradition and the nostalgic joy it brings when the season is just around the corner. The simple joy's of buying new clothes and having a hair cut and act of cleansing ones self before the big reunion dinner with the whole family.
When we ran the Silverline Project, (a repurposing of old smartphones by recreating a new OS with bigger icons and larger fonts for reading as well as help apps if they need attention for the elderly) we stumbled onto a community who don't even have any family members or living relatives with them.  
So we decided to kinda "adopt them" as a family of our own and bring them out on one special day, buying clothes, haviung their hair done and having a reunion dinner. A day with them was a humbling experience. It brought much joy to these folks who thought they are the only ones left behind. As SingTel aims to spread joy in large ways that it always does through out SIngapore, it just brings warmth to the heart that even the smallest and almost forgotten of communities gets that joy and attention it needs to. 
Below are moment through out the day that was captured.
A special thanks to Little Red Ants in helping out with the shoot and production. Your team was awesome.