Nicole Miller 
Packaging Proposals 
These are three proposed packaging designs for watches by designer Nicole Miller. It was a prompt given to me after a job interview with very vague directions (ie: no color because the designer loves black), and barely any limitations. I wanted to play with textures and materials, as well as stick the aesthetic of the Nicole Miller brand. 
Box 1: This is a round container with three different materials. The base is a textured fabric while the top is a shiny, soft plastic  (something that you might find on a wallet). The top is cut down the middle with a hinge in the back, allowing the two sides to open outward like double doors. They are held together with a stainless steel clasp with the Nicole Miller logo engraved in it. 
Box 2: My second design is a thin clamshell box made of ebony wood. It is lined with suede while the top of the box contains the designer's logo in gun metal. I wanted this box to have a more masculine/bold appeal while retaining the simplicity and feminitiy found in Nicole Miller's apparel. 
Box 3: Last is a hard plastic box in the shape of a black diamond (hexadecagon). The lid lifts right off of the base and the logo is embossed in the center.