2020 l Monitor design l Angie Kim


Why do people put their stuff on top of the monitor stand?
Those who have this habit said it's part of organizing their desk.

What if the monitor stand is actually functional?
Gemini monitor stand charges items put on top,
including phone, airpod, wireless keyboard and mouse.


Users can swivel, rotate and adjust elevation.

Form Inspiration

Sierpinski's carpet pattern(a plane fractal) is applied to the back of the monitor for vent and speaker. ​​​​​​​

Inspired from the form factor of Gemini, the third astrological sign in the zodiac cycle,
 cords from the monitor could flow down to the bottom through the hole of the monitor.

Aluminium die casting - stand rod
Double injection molding - patterned plastic casing 

From reverse engineering to ideation, prototyping and mockup.
Τogether with Mark Lukeson, we disassembled Dell Ultra Monitor to figure out how it's built and see the product spec in detail.  You can view the BOM (Bill of Materials) Here


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