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    Design for free drink cards.
Here's a project for my good friend Michael Maguire. He had asked me to design a few cards to be used at his bar in Manhattan. These cards would be traded in by customers for free drinks. Naturally I jumped at the opportunity to help bring such happiness and joy into the world as free drinks. 
While brainstorming back and forth about the goals of the project, we came across an issue. The design of the card needed to be visible and distinguishable to a person who may have been drinking, in a dark lit bar, immediately and without hesitation.  The unique solution was to design a card that would read upside down as well as right side up.
There are 3 levels of the card: The Silver, The Gold, and The Platinum cards. Each card would be exchanged for a drink of varying prices. Each card needed to be distinguishable from one another, as well as convey the value of each card through the design of the text itself. 
After a few rounds of back and forth's the cards were printed and put to use. I'm happy with the design, Michael is happy with the cards, and everyone is happy for free drinks.