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    Installation Art at Ozora festival, Hungary.
Project by TonChiArt & Šumski
A doorway into oneness, into what is forgotten, into dissolving the illusion of separateness.

This piece is not about criticism of materialist culture, nor is it made to glorify the so called psychedelic culture, it's just a physical manifestation of love towards life, creation and oneness to which we all love to refer but often forgot to apply this cognition to everyday life. It's composed of layers that create  the storyline within the scenography of the tunnel. A sequence of layers is suggesting that each layer is another door, another you, so door after door the mystery is unfolding until we reach the point of dissolving. Layers illustrate the worlds which are in harmony with the language of nature, and the storyline of the layers is offering picturesque journey that allows the observer to continue building the story in his own imagination.
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