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    Project undertaken during my Graduation Project with The Brewhouse, New Delhi.
Kalikaar is a floral design company based in Delhi.
Catering to the upper-middle and upper class of Delhi, they specialise in floral decor for a broad spectrum of events ranging from life events like weddings, anniversaries to business parties to mall decor.
They work towards ensuring a subtle balance between the art and business of flowers.

Brief: Design packaging for flowers, including the mechanism for transit delivery and gift delivery.
For gifting flowers, miniature gift card tags were created, with the Kalikaar logo on one side and space for personalised message on the inside. 
Golden coloured tags were used, to give a classy feel.
Flower vases also carried the branding.
For delivery of flower vases in transit, a prototype was created consisting of two boxes. The inner box had a space in the centre, designed to fit the flower vase in it. The outer box would be covered on top of the other box and carried for delivery. The outer box would have a small opening at the back for air to enter.
Bouquets would be covered in a recatangular box and gift wrapped. This box also would have a small opening at the side for air to enter.
Another model of flower packaging box.