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Lexington Senior Living Center

Case Study:
SLC Lexington
Senior Living | Lexington KY
The Location:
Lexington, KY
An city with equestrian roots and a youthful soul
The Mood Board:
Subtle + Relaxed Abstracts
Unobtrusive, Meditative Abstract Compositions.
The Prompt:
Charming + Minimal Abstracts
Kentucky's gorgeous vistas and its equestrian roots inspired this fantastic project. The challenge poised to us was the construction of elevated abstracts that are memorable and warm. 

Creative line art pieces blend with the minimal design to breath life into the spaces created by the interior designers. We wanted to avoid the sterile feeling that senior living often has. Creative use of hand drawn elements keeps the work interesting and enliven the spaces they are installed within.
Lexington Senior Living Center


Lexington Senior Living Center