The story application includes 5 episodes:

★ Episode 1: The Prelude 
★ Episode 2: The Owl Valley 
★ Episode 3: Parrot Beach 
★ Episode 4: The Bouquet Village of the Hummingbirds 
★ Episode 5: The Woodpeckers' Pine Forest

In Bouquet Village, their lived a flock of hummingbirds. They were hardworking birds who flew into the middle of beautiful flowers to gather nectar. Everyone who drank it said it was the sweet taste of happiness.

The parents of short Beak were always busy gathering nectar. Although Show Beak wanted to help them, his beak was too short and he couldn’t reach the nectar. So the only thing he could do was stay out of everyone’s way.

One day, The king came to the villages and ordered 100 barrels on nectar for the Prince’s wedding. Although the hummingbirds at Bouquet Village were very happy with the news, it also meant more work for them to do.

Carrying his backpack, Choke arrived at the Bouquet Village. Seeing how busy the hummingbirds were, Choke was very curious to find out what was going on.

“Don’t bother me!” I’m too busy to talk with you!” A hummingbird said loudly as he out the nectar that he collected into a bottle and quickly flew away.

巧克嚇了一大跳!“都是因為要採集一百桶的花蜜,大家才會這麼忙啦!” 小短嘴飛到巧克身邊安慰他,還熱心的幫巧克找到過夜的地方。
Choke was shocked by the bird’s attitude. “You see, everyone is busy because they have to gather 100 barrels of nectar for the king!”, Short Beak said to Chokko as he flew beside him. The two chatted and Short Beak quickly became a friend to Chokko.

忽然,村子裡傳來一聲尖叫: “花蜜不見了!”蜂鳥們紛紛停下工作,聚集到儲藏室。
All of a sudden, a scream came from the village: “The nectar has disappeared!” Hearing this, the hummingbirds stopped their work and gathered around to hear more news.

Choke mentioned that he had discovered some footprints by the cellar, but only Short Beak came along to help Chokko catch the thief.

The humming birds returned to their work, now working hard to replace the nectar that had been stolen. Choke and Short Beak, now detectives, noticed that the footprints stopped when they reached the grass plains.

They looked for clues about the thief for a long time but couldn’t find anything. Short Beak turned, focusing his eyes on the bushes near the river bank. He noticed that the bushes actually looked different than when they first arrived.

Choke and Short Beak made their way through the bushes and discovered a hole there. It was dark inside the hole and very scary. But Short Beak noticed a slight scent of flowers in the hole. Gathering his courage, brave little Short Beak flew inside the hole and found the Meerkats drinking the nectar that they had stolen!

Seeing Short Beak, the trio of Meerkats thought all the hummingbirds were coming, and they ran away as fast as they could!

Working together, short Beak and Chokko carried the nectar back to the village. The villagers were surprised and happy to find out what happened. Now, they wouldn’t have to work so hard to replace the nectar, and Short Beak’s parents would now have more time to be with him!

That wasn’t the only good news! The king wanted to reward Short Beak and Choke for  recovering the nectar so that the wedding could go on as planned, so he invited everyone from the Bouquet Village to attend the wedding! Finally, Short Beak was able to try the taste of happiness!

The King also decided to make the brave Short Beak into a palace guard! Delighted by the King’s decision, the happy Short Beak gave Choke his feather as a present. After saying their goodbyes, they each began their own new journeys, promising to meet again.