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Gottfried Benn – Schöne Jugend, Bachelor project 2013
A hundred years ago Gottfried Benn, a lyricist and author in the era of German Expressionism, published his first poetry book »Morgue und andere Gedichte«. It shocked the society and crtitics. Because of his usage of rough language and strong metaphors I tried to focus on illustrating a selection of his poems and design a book, which as an object is supporting the strong content of Benn and his words. The focus on his Berlin based working and the inner struggle and search for inner peace are shown in the style of the illustrations. »Gottfried Benn – Schöne Jugend« is the title I have chosen for my Bachelor project based on the same-named poem. The goal was to gain the interest of people in Expressionism and its various fields of creativity and to show how timeless the poetry of Gottfried Benn is.
University: Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule (BTK-FH), Berlin
Academic Advisors: Professor Roman Bittner, Professor Cyrus D. Khazaeli
Design & Illustration: Felix Aaron Hülpüsch
Print: Druckerei H. Heenemann GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin
Bookbinding: Heiner Hauck Portfolios, Berlin
Photos: Andy Laufenberg (
Berlin, 2013
Gottfried Benn – Schöne Jugend, Bachelor project 2013