The story application includes 5 episodes:

★ Episode 1: The Prelude 
★ Episode 2: The Owl Valley 
★ Episode 3: Parrot Beach 
★ Episode 4: The Bouquet Village of the Hummingbirds 
★ Episode 5: The Woodpeckers' Pine Forest

The Ou-Ou Village is always in the dark, all year round. The only lights at night are the moon and the fireflies that dance about in the shrubs. The villagers are the happiest on the nights with a full moon.

When the moon hides itself, the villagers have to carry lanterns Sith fireflies inside them to light their path when visiting their friends

One day, three sneaky-looking figures came to the village. It was the trio of Meerkats! Their leader thought it was too dark to go further then, so the three decided to take a rest.

Very quickly, they cut some grass and made it into a large and comfortable bed. The new bare spot where the grass had been cut away frightened the fireflies & they flew away quickly.

When Ou-Ou, the wise owl of the village, wondered what this night without light would mean, this moonless night when all the fireflies had disappeared! 

小貓頭鷹咕魯魯認為是有人把螢火蟲偷走,大聲嚷著要去抓小偷! 大家愁眉苦臉的聚在一起,都很擔心以後嗚嗚村真的要永遠都黑漆漆的了。
Gu Lu-Lu, a small owl, thought someone must have stolen the fireflies away and ha wanted to catch the thief. Everyone gathered gloomily, deeply worried that Ou-Ou Village would remain in the dark forever. 

Holding a lantern carefully in his hand, Choke arrived at Ou-Ou Village, in search of the Meerkats and the lost feather.

When the villagers saw the warm and bright light from the lantern in Chokko’s hand, they gathered around him. Some thought that Chokko was their hero, while others wondered if Chokko was the thief who had stolen their light!

Choke told the owls what had happened to him and Latti. When Chokko finished his story, the owls realized that he had nothing to do with their missing fireflies.

“別擔心!” 巧克安慰大家。巧克從包包裡拿出材料,教大家做燈籠蠟燭。請幫巧克一起完成燈籠吧。
“Don’t worry! I can help!”, Choke said to the owls, as he took something out of his backpack. He showed them that he had the materials to make candle lanterns and could teach the grown-up owls how to make them. The young owls knew better than to ever touch matches and candles!

The small light from the birthday candle lit up Ou-Ou Villages instantly. With the lantern, the owls could now see very well and they were no longer troubled by the darkness that surrounded them. 

The moon slowly made its way above the mountains and then everyone could see the spot with the grass cut away. The owls then understood why the fireflies disappeared.

On order to thank Chokko for returning light to the village, Gu Lu-Lu plucked a beautiful feather from his body and gave it to Choke as a souvenir. Chokko received it happily and continued his journey.