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Reliable Sources 
Media stars in action 
The following photographs were mostly taken at various events sponsored by the New York Financial Writers Association,  the nation's oldest organization devoted to business and financial journalism. Since its founding in 1938, hundreds of journalists from newspapers, magazines, television, radio, wire services, websites, and other digital media have enjoyed the benefits and camaraderie of membership.
Stephen J.Adler, Editor-in-Chief of Reuters News.
Chris Matthews at the Nantucket Comedy Festival
Byron Pitts of CBS's "60 Minutes" giving commencement speech at Westfield State University.
Bloomberg News Editor-in-Chief Matthew Winkler
Fortune Magazine Managing Editor Andy Serwer at the Nantucket Comedy Festival.
Harry Smith, former anchor of CBS's Early Show, at the Nantucket Comedy Festival. 
Gretchen Morgenson and Arthur Sulzberger Jr. of The New York Times at a New York Financial Writers award ceremony.
Charlie Gasparino of Fox Business News at the Financial Follies.
Joanne Lipman, former Editor-in-Chief of Conde Nast Portfolio. 
Josh Friedlander of Absolute Return kicks off the Financial Follies.
CNN's Carter Evans and Fox News' Courtney Friel.
Jesse Eisinger of ProPublica.
Kevin Depew, Editor-in-Chief of
CNBC's Bob O'Brien and friends at a Financial Follies cocktail hour.
Alexis Glick of Fox Business News at a Knight-Bagehot Fellowship panel.
Bill Holstein, author of "The Next American Economy" and "Why GM Matters."
John Crudele of the New York Post and friend.
Carl Icahn, American financier, corporate raider, and private equity investor, speaking at a NYFWA awards banquet.
Former SEC Chairman Chris Cox at a NYFWA awards banquet.
Tim O'Brien, National Editor of The Huffington Post.
Former Wall Street Journal columnist Tom Herman.
James Stewart of Smart Money.
Barry Ritholtz, author of "The Big Picture," a leading financial weblog.
Former New York Financial Writers Association presidents Terri Thompson and Myron Kandel.
Former New York Times business reporter Zachary Kuowe and friend at the Financial Follies.
Paul MaIdment, Editor of
Carter Evans of CNN and his wife Courtney Friel of Fox News.
Former New York Times reporters Claudia Deutsch and Joseph Treaster with Bloomberg's Judith Czelusniak.
Reliable Sources

Reliable Sources

Leading business and financial journalists at play.


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