World War Z Visual Development
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    Visual development and concept art for the zombies in World War Z.
"From the very early stages of script development, my team and I pitched to Marc Foster and Paramount an idea of how to re-imagine the visual look of zombies.  I said in the very early days that it would be hard to re-design a zombie, so we didn’t.  Instead, we designed the mass of zombies: the way they moved together, the way the flocked and flowed, the way they ran , made towers out of their bodies, and even talked about the way they bit.
For over a year we worked directly with Marc, and in that time we designed and collated all of these ideas into a production bible that was handed out on set.  Framestore did not provide any shots on the film due to scheduling conflicts, but all zombie visual development all came from my department.  You can see the influence we had on the script and the design of the set pieces."
Kev jenkins, Art Director and Lead Concept Artist on WWZ, Framestore Visual Development.