Project Coordination & Management
Project Coordination and Management
Role A: Research & Development Coordinator of the Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation (AHERF) of the Apollo Hospitals Group, Hyderabad
1. Deemed University project of the Apollo Hospitals Group
Ø  Closely involved under the guidance of the Dean, AHERF under the Deemed University initiatives, for the establishment of the Apollo Institute of Health Sciences, Deemed University (May 2007 to Nov 2007).
    - Coordinating with the University Grants Commission
    - Assistance in background research towards Deemed University initiatives.
    - Field work assistance towards Deemed University initiatives.
    - Working towards obtaining afflations from All India Council of    
    - Technical Education / Medical Council of India / Concerned Universities.
    - Working on the establishment of collaborative tie ups with Indian as well as international institutions/universities.
Ø Organised, coordinated and managed in the research of a Deemed University project  “Towards a program outline for five Masters Programs: Applied Biomedical Engineering, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Research, Health Informatics and Rural Health”, for the Apollo Hospitals Educational & Research Foundation (May 2007 to Aug 2007).
   - Studying course curriculums of concerned Indian Universities/Colleges/Institutions, select US and Australian Universities.
   - Comparing course curriculums.
   - Collating fieldwork evidence from the interviews of major players.
   - Analysing internal logistics.
   - Developing a research based program outline.
Ø Managed a project for understanding paramedical education trends in India, and contributing towards the Paramedical Institute of Apollo Health City, Hyderabad (June 2007).
    - Studying current paramedical education trends in Apollo Hospitals.
    - Analysing various paramedical courses in India.
    - Integrating the needs of the Apollo leadership.
Ø Involved in the coordination and research with the educational sector of Lifestyle Wellness Treatment International (a unit of Apollo Hospitals), for the up gradation of two post graduate diplomas in Preventive Health & Wellness into Masters Programs (Jul 2007to Sep 2007).
    - Understanding the current modes of delivery.
    - Offering suggestions towards the development of course outlines.
    - Assistance in affiliations and further development.
2. Colloborations and international linkages
Ø  The University of Queensland partnering with the Apollo Hospitals Group towards conceptualising and developing a Health Knowledge City in India, which will involve joint delivery of Medical, Dental, Nursing and Allied health education. My involvement was in the early stages (during my work in Apollo hospitals) in preparing feasibility plans under the supervision of the Dean, Apollo Hospitals.
Ø  As part of a casemix project of the Centre of Innovation and Research, Apollo Hospitals Group – the United National University (Professor Syed M Aljunid) visited Apollo Hospitals – to draw plans for further casemix research and development with Apollo (project was suspended due to change in Apollo leadership priorities).
Ø  Professor Newell Johnson, Head of the Dental School of Griffith University visited Apollo Group – to start a series of discussions on collaborating with Oral Health Research with the Apollo Hospitals Group. My involvement was in facilitating the meeting and drawing plans for collaboration. 
3. Managing small scale educational and research projects 
Ø  Involved in the conceputalisation, design, management and reporting of two small scale educational/research projects in the Apollo Hospitals Groups
     - Corporate hospital strategies for rural and remote Australia
     - Center for Innovation and Research management
Project Coordination & Management

Project Coordination & Management

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