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The Observable Manifestation of Hearing

The Observable Manifestation of Hearing

Using 'Cymatics' to visualize sound waves and frequencies.

Cymatics is the study of visible sound and the geometry of wave phenomena.

Initial experiment: a speaker is directing upwards while being controlled by a frequency generator capable of producing a broad range of vibrations.

Here mainly low frequencies are being emitted.

Using light to help visualizing how the low sound frequencies form visible patterns in the liquid.
In this experiment, a liquid in a recipient is being vibrated by sound frequencies which are influencing the particles to rotate in a geometrical dynamic.

As the speaker vibrates the wine glass containing slightly-colored water, different frequencies create different patterns.

The recipient and the amount of water also influence the resulting shapes.
Depending on the frequency of the wave and of the materials being vibrated, specific geometric patterns can be visualized.

interactive installation
Maribor, Slovenia
June 2017
'The Observable Manifestation of Hearing’​​​​​​​ was an interactive installation
from an international artist-in-residency programme
run by Pekarna Magdalenske mreže for Lebanese artists at GuestRoomMaribor.​​​​​​​

GuestRoomMaribor / Pekarna Magdalenske mreže
Maribor, Slovenia
"The Observable Manifestation of Hearing’​​

Surpassing the constraints of the cognitive is nothing but a reductive conversion of the biologically unreachable spectrums in the universe to fit our sensorial dogmas.

In an attempt to blur out the predominant categorization of the senses, a somewhat scientific approach of a conditional intermediate was needed to be built in order to perform the proper conversions; seized tactility or speech is gathered then released as signals to be interpreted by computed processing into a predefined range of sound vibrations that directly influences contained liquid (water).

A reassembled disassembly for the audible, rendered visible."

Exhibition Text
Zuheir Helou
August 2017
The Observable Manifestation of Hearing


The Observable Manifestation of Hearing