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    Large wasp hive made from mud and carpet spares.
“Dwelling is both process and artefact: it is the experience of living at a specific location and it is the physical expression of doing so.”
Paul Oliver, Dwellings (London: Phaidon Press Limited, 2003), 15.
Hive is a sculpture that reflects the idea of dwelling. I investigated the building of shelters and the wear and tear of the act of living upon them. The physical location and natural environment along with human interventions and infrastructures both shape the perception and interaction with home. I have used the form of a wasp’s hive to reference home building. Primitive methods of architecture have influenced my construction processes. I adapted a Wattle and Daub technique because this technique requires the builders hands I feel it reflects my mark in this piece. By using both man-made and natural materials I reference both the past and present. I investigated the Mono-ha a Japanese art movement of combining industrial and natural. I created from mud and carpet spares. Mud was used to reflect a sense of place within the piece. As the mud was collected from a specific location on my granddad’s farm for me the sculpture contains a personal meaning.