Is a platform for people living with an illness created to help them cope better with it, meet other people, keep track of their treatment and find usefull information with a more familiar and easy going tone.
I got involved in this project early on, and the company having a clear idea of the sections it should have. I came in basicly to start wirefaming, which evolved into information architecture, and started being involved in the product definition (Eva Baonza) and then becoming a link to the development team. We were just a two person team for the definition of the product, and four awesome developers. I'm now responsible of UX
We also had help from designers for Brand identity (Juan Esbert), doing the final look and feel (Ivan Lopez, Xarly Rodriguez), and our in house designer for the constant evolution of the product (Oscar Vega)
Menu and navigation structure
Created with six sections ( Home, Community, Data center, Apps, Experiences, Magazine). The tricky part is not every illness available on the platform has all five sections, so we created a modular structure that allows to have the number of sections necessary and still work
Main menu with six sections
Main menu with three sections
Sections and structure
Each section has a color scheme, and its own structure depending of it's content
Community section
Experiences section
Global platform, local websites
The platform was created with a global mindset, and it was built into it, from design to development, eveything was made to work seamlessly no matter in which country was made public, with one or more illnesses, and with multi-language support.
Award winning project
Awarded with a Gold Laus for best Web App. 
Jury's voice: 
"Digital media is increasingly structured as services. This digital platform supports people dealing with or suffering from long-term disease or illness. It is remarkable for the dedication to service, visual cleanness, navigation structure, use of simple icons, making it easy to find content"

Digital Platform for people living with an illness, with a communitty for meeting other people, tools to keep track of their treatment, learn for Read more
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