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    One day on Crazy Hong Kong, Crazy with Capitals...
If there is something I really love in this world is dream about the future, and also make it come true, I work in the Toy Industry in China, home of toy factories in the world, place to make robots comes to present.
Fom Times to times I come to Hong Kong to make paper work or just to take pictures, in this opportunity Bandai was releasing the Gundam's 30th anniversary edition Real Grade figures.
In my way always I found some real life robots, walking in the street, working here or just laying there.. in fact, Hong Kong could be the most futuristic city in the world for some little reasons, they realize they have to find the way to survive the reduced place plus the high density population, you cant even walk some times in some streets, so they created underground sidewalks, the regular sidewalks and also hanging sidewalks of two or even tree floors, depending the street or building, some sidewalks go thru a shopping mall and it crosses to the next inside buildings and all have lifts, some of them goes inside to a big building some of them just lift you from floor to the bridge... you can walk from a neighborhood to another by the underground sidewalks so easy, very appropriate in case of typhoons or Kaiju attack, it looks like a sci-fi movie wherever you put your eyes on.
well, this is what I get from that visit, enjoy it.
Used a Nikon D7000.