These are my Digitally painted women of 2013, painted in Adobe Photoshop on Wacom Intuos tablet.
These are completely painted, no photo manipulation. Each one of these is also featured throughout my portfolio with Speed Painting videos and a few with step-by-step tutorials for those that would like to learn.
Redhead Digital Painting (Approx. 25 hours)
Abbey Clancy Digital Painting (Approx. 15 hours)
Kelley Jakle Digital Painting (Approx. 15 hours)
Moko - Digitally painted (approx. 8 hours)
Moko Painting in Photoshop using Wacom Intuos3 by Dean Packwood. Approx 8 hours. Tā moko is the permanent body and face marking by Māori, the indigenous people of New Zealand.
Hilary Duff Digital Painting (Approx. 10 hours)
Alexandra Lay Digital Painting (approx 12 hours)
Christina Ricci Digital Painting (Approx. 12 hours)
Alicia Silverstone Digital painting (Approx. 16 hours)
Britney Spears Digital painting (Approx 12 hours)
Britney Spears Digital Painting (Approx. 20 hours)
Maria Montez Digital Painting (Approx 12 hours)
Jennifer Aniston Digital Painting (Approx. 12 hours)
Ironwoman Digital Painting (Approx. 20 hours)
First full drawing I've done in 20 years... Good to get back into my artwork,
a bit rusty but always room for improvement ;)