This is an ongoing design project for Seacoast National Bank's "Simply Seacoast" bank account initiative. Below are first steps in the designing of a new debit card for this campaign which will hopefully drive creative for the entire project. 
The most recent of drafts are on top descending to the more unfinished and starting drafts going down.
This draft is from 8/18/2013. I thought of what was simple...what is inherently simple...not a color but the absence of color (for print.) This lead me to a simple, flat, no or low gloss debit card design with a small transparent window in the shape of the "Seacoast Sails."
If I had it ultimately my way, the card would have the "Simply" and "Visa" on the front with all of the information on the back. Unfortunately I was told this was not possible. It would also not have the typical raised, awful "credit card" typeface for the numbers, name, etc. This again, is beyond my control. 
So hopefully this makes it through, I certainly like this direction.