SOF K9 Memorial Bronze Statue | Military Dog Statue
    Bronze Memorial Statue Honoring
Special Operations K9
by Lena Toritch
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 “The Bond Between a SOF handler and his K9 is eternal.
Trusting each other is a nameless language.
Here we honor the SOF K9s that have paid the ultimate price.”
Inscription at the base of the statue
SOF K9 Memorial Foundation commissioned Lena Toritch to create a memorial statue in honor of the fallen Special Operations Forces (SOF) K9 heroes that have been killed, while in direct action engaging an enemy combatant. 
SOF K9 Memorial Foundation continues its work by helping SOF K9 Handlers remember their canine partners at their home station by assisting with the purchase of memorial plaques, photos,  headstones or anything else the handler would like to memorialize his partner. 
You can contribute to this noble cause by making a donation to SOF K9 Memorial Foundation:
  On July 27, 2013 the history was made. The very first ever bronze statue of an SOF K9 was unveiled at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville, NC
Over 2,000 people gathered to honor brave K9s and remember what they have done for our country. This special event was covered by the national press.
Parade magazine:
How to order: To discuss your very own, custom made bronze Military K9 Memorial statue call Young Fine Art Studio 801-359-2451 or email me for a free quote.
The statue depicts a life-size Belgian Malinois wearing his full deployment kit.
SOF dogs are called "super dogs", they jump off the plane and can track and seize the enemy in most difficult conditions.
This bronze statue is the only one in the world depiction of this type of a military dog. They are called multi - purpose canines, MPC. (not to be confused with military working dogs- MWD)
It took me many hours of research to depict this dog accurately.
My biggest reward was at the dedication, when all the veteran handlers came to me and shaked my hand, thanking for the job well done.

Each dog is represented by a paver that is placed at the base of the statue and includes the dog’s name, the country he served and the year/theater he was killed in. 
Please help SOF K9 Handlers remember their fallen canine partners at their home station by donating to SOF K9 Memorial Foundation
Visit SOF K9 Memorial Foundation's Facebook Page:

Airborne and Special Operations Museum website:
More photos of the statue on ASOM Facebook page:
Sculptor Lena Toritch posing with her SOF K9 Memorial statue and retired K9 Brit.
How to Order a Military Dog statue or Bronze K9 Monument:
Email or call Young Fine Art Studio 801-359-2451
to discuss your own K9 memorial bronze statue honoring your Special Operations K9, military working dogs, service dogs,  search and rescue dogs or other K9 heroes. Visit to see more dog statues.
SOF K9 Memorial Bronze Statue | Military Dog Statue

SOF K9 Memorial Bronze Statue | Military Dog Statue

How to order your custom bronze K9 military dog memorial statue.The first bronze memorial statue depicting an SOF K9 is unveiled at the Airborne Read more

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