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Ma Hingan Lihtsalt Rohkem

M A    H I N G A N    L I H T S A L T   R O H K E M

(I Just Breathe More)
2020, 6' 40''
Electroacoustic Compositon: Viktoria Grahv
3D and Sand Animation: Bruno Quast


The short film transposes the homonymous electroacoustic track by composer Viktoria Grahv.

Her music was inspired by the idea of breathing to break free of chains, envisioning a dragon sleeping in a cave. Its breath grows exponentially, disturbed by dreams and fluttering around creatures, almost to the point of awaking from the heavy slumber.

The animation elaborates on these thoughts searching for the aspect of breathing and the heaviness of chains that block it, such as anxiety or panic, in the possibilities of different animation techniques.


The whole project became for the composer and the animator an act of healing both self-directed as shared.


The film is a visual interpretation of Viktoria Grahv's composition, upon her request. Our interests and visions tied around a common knot, overlapping and strengthening each other.

The choice of sound and visual techniques met our own expression on the themes of breathing, heavy chains, fear and anxiety.
From my side, I chose 3D organic shapes to accompany the introduction of the piece, in the composer's vision a deeply slumbering dragon.

In its cave, the creature is disturbed by the flutter-around of colourful elves, thus breathing more and more intensively, almost to the point of waking up.
Hectic and ever-changing sand animations underline this growing intensity, until the representation of thunders recall the bond between the analogue and the digital techniques, part of the same universe, a balance which was the hardest challenge of the project to keep.

When the intertwining sound layers finally exhale, from pure visual noise emerge the waves of an ocean, dark at first, then finally culminating in its brightness, immersed in total silence.


Animateka 2021 - Ljubljana (Slovenia)
SiMN - International Symposium of New Music - 2021 - Curitiba (Brazil)
Canlandiranlar Film Festival 2021 - Istanbul (Turkey)
Animaphix International Animated Film Festival 2021 - Palermo (Italy)
Insomnia International Animation Film Festival 2021 - Moscow (Russia)
Anibar Animation Festival 2021 - Peja (Kosovo)
Animex Awards 2021 - Middlesbrough (UK)
Concordia Film Festival 2021 - Montreal (Canada)

T-Short Animated Film Online Festival 2021 Living Skies Student Film Festival 2021 - Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada):
                    Best experimental film

Athens Digital Arts Festival 2020 - Athens (Greece)

Ottawa International Animation Festival 2020 - Ottawa (Canada)
International Student Animated Film Animafantasia Festival 2020 - Lassy (Romania)



Ma Hingan Lihtsalt Rohkem

Ma Hingan Lihtsalt Rohkem

Electroacoustic track by Viktoria Grahv Visuals by Bruno Quast The short film is based on the electroacoustic track by composer Viktoria Grahv " Read More

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