The New Smyrna Beach Marine Turtle Conservancy had a bit of an identity problem—after changing their name from the Volusia Sea Turtle Society to avoid confusion with another Volusia County based sea turtle organization further north, they had a new name that was too long to be memorable and didn’t have any history with the locals.
To give the group a more memorable name (without having to re-name the organization for the second time in one year), NSB Turtle Trackers was developed, the official name for the volunteers of the NSB Marine Turtle Conservancy. These volunteers walk the beach of New Smyrna Beach every morning to document and protect endangered sea turtles and their nests.
In addition to tracking sea turtles, education is a major goal for the NSB Turtle Trackers. Brochures, table-top displays for events, and coloring pages with tips for how to help sea turtles were all developed for the group to provide to local schools and at public events like the Turtle Odyssey to increase public awareness of the endangered species that share the beach.