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Joseph Monaghan's Portfolio
Welcome to Joseph Monaghan's e-Learning and Instructional Design Portfolio
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Please find here a selection of examples of my work in e-learning and instructional design.

Below, I describe some of my roles and some of the skills and tools I used in each. At the bottom of this page are then some further examples of resources I have created with various online learning and asset creation tools. I have been creating and editing high quality resources for face-to-face, digital and hybrid delivery for over 20 years, the animated video below is just one example:
33N Ltd: As well as authoring content for a Master's level programme, I implemented a new QA system and acted as the QA lead for the programme's created content. Using accessibility and learning design best-practice, I designed the storyboard template for use by the authors and other instructional designers to create engaging and accessible content for use in e-lectures (built using the Panopto video tool). The e-lectures were then uploaded onto the programme's Blackboard LMS. I also used the Adobe Creative Cloud tools: Acrobat and Illustrator for creating (and editing) documents and images. Below are screenshot slide examples of the sort used in the storyboard template I designed.
Northamptonshire County Council: The link below is to one of the dozens of e-learning software walk-throughs that I created using Adobe Captivate (and Adobe Creative Cloud) as the County Council went through a period of organisational change. After creating the modules I then uploaded and tested them on the County Council's Totara LMS. 

Northamptonshire County Council: Topics for the e-learning I worked on, whilst working with the County Council, included walk-throughs for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and Social Care systems. Whilst working with the County Council, I also updated dozens of previously created Captivate modules from Flash to HTML format. Below are screenshots from some of the e-learning I created.
Aula Education: This first screenshot shows one of the 60 undergraduate and postgraduate modules I helped transform from face-to-face delivery to a hybrid delivery format for delivery on a learning experience platform, as part of Coventry University's response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst engaged by Aula Education as a Senior Learning Designer, I also worked with academics at the University of West Scotland and Ravensbourne University London to transform modules in a similar manner. 
Aula Education: This second screenshot shows part of a Word document wireframe I used during the process to transform the 60 modules to the hybrid format from a range of disciplines, which included: marketing, sociology, psychology, accounting, Mandarin, Japanese, nursing, computing, engineering, biochemistry and mathematics.
Pearson: the screenshot below shows a Masters-level module: Computer Programming for Data Scientists, I helped develop for King's College London (delivered on their Moodle platform) working as an instructional designer for Pearson.
Pearson: the screenshot below is part of a PowerPoint storyboard I developed, which was used to create a dual-coded video for use in the Computer Programming for Data Scientists module.
Society and College of Radiographers: the links below are to a few of the hundreds of e-learning sessions I storyboarded, and then 'built' in the eXact LCMS, whilst contracting with the Society and College of Radiographers as a Lead Instructional Designer and Project Manager. As part of the development process, using tools from Adobe's Creative Cloud, I edited (and created) thousands of images using tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator; I developed hundreds of animations using tools such as Adobe Animate (previously known as Flash); and, I edited and produced scores of video clips using tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro:

Image Interpretation - Cross-sectional Imaging: Role of CT and MRI in Neurological Emergencies

Society and College of Radiographers: the image below shows how whilst engaged by the Society and College of Radiographers, working on their Image Interpretation online training programme for supporting a transformational change in the working conditions of imaging professionals within the UK, that in 2014, I was humbled to be awarded the Silver Medal in recognition of my services to the field of radiography.
JSH Education Ltd: the limited company through which I consulted on multiple freelance contracts. Through this company, I also authored, edited and published digital science and mathematics content for use with interactive whiteboards, digital projectors and also SCORM content for use within virtual learning environments. The digital resources were used by science and mathematics teachers in the UK and were used by 1 in 5 schools in England at their peak (this culminated in Cambridge University Press approaching me in the Autumn of 2007 to sell my company’s software through a new digital marketplace, the Global Grid for Learning). Some screenshots from the software are shown below.
Crocodile Clips: the link below takes you to a high school chemistry digital resource for which I was engaged as the main chemistry content reviewer/editor by Crocodile Clips. The work involved fact checking the chemistry content; mapping the content against examination board syllabi; checking the content against in-house style guides; and, proofreading the resource for spelling and grammatical errors.

e-Learning technology software expertise: I have extensive experience of using industry-standard e-learning technology software such as Articulate 360 (Storyline and Rise), Adobe Captivate, Adapt, Xerte Online Toolkits and others to create interactive, engaging and pedagogically sound learning experiences. Some examples of my work are shown below.



Rapid authoring tools: I have used rapid authoring tools such as H5P to create enhanced interactivity for LMSs, LXPs and websites. Some interaction example screenshots are shown below.
Animations: I have created thousands of animations using tools such as Adobe Animate (previously known as Flash) and Vyond (previously known as GoAnimate). Examples are shown below.
Animate (previously known as Flash)
Vyond (previously known as GoAnimate)
Illustrations: I have created thousands of illustrations using tools such as Adobe Fireworks and Illustrator. Examples are shown below.
Thank you for viewing my portfolio. I have created hundreds of hours of pedagogically sound, digital learning using established learning theories. I strongly believe in equity of access for all in online education and I deliver quality accessible learning solutions that include imagery and scenarios that are representative of the current diverse learners and cultural richness found in the United Kingdom.

Joseph Monaghan BSc, MSc, MA
m: 07710 119356
Joseph Monaghan's Portfolio

Joseph Monaghan's Portfolio