I was always fascinated by compasses. But when I went to the App store to get a digital one, I noticed that 99% of the apps there were really bad designed (in my opinion) and even the paid ones had really bad designs.
So here's my take on the "free nice compass project". I made an app that is simple, usable, fast loading, lightweight, doesn't have unnecessary features (you will mostly never ever need) and most of all: it looks nice (or cute if you will :D).
Design & iOS Programming made by me, Android Programming made by my talented friend Damjan Vantur.
Main screen of the app, Aye!
Splash screen, Aye!
We are giving our little App away for free, but if you like it and want to support what we're doing and want to contribute to our App making process please appreciate below ;)
You can download it HERE (iOS) or HERE (Android) :)
Thanks for watching, you are awesome! :)