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    Design a brown paper bag for the launch of the Toohey's Extra Dry 696mL Longneck using the numbers 696.
TED 696
The brown paper bag is your canvass
Toohey’s Extra Dry, also known as TED, is a well-established beer brand  that wanted to introduce a new long-neck bottled called the TED 696 into the market. All long-neck beer bottles get placed into a brown paper bag at purchase so BMF Sydney thought it would be a great idea to use that bag as a new media channel, linked with a popular design site, tedcreated.com.au, with the tag line, The Brown Paper Bag is Your Canvas. Local designers were invited to submit designs in a competition that would be judged by the Luca, David Homer and Aaron Hayward at Debaser, Sydney artist Ben Frost, Murray Bell and Andrew Johnston at Design is Kinky, Colin Blake at MTV Sydney, and Tokyo/Sydney painter Numskull.Over 2000 people from 104 different countries responded to the bag design competition.

I was one of ten finalists & had my work exhibited in MTV Gallery Sydney. I was also later commissioned to design the actual bottle labels.
FinalistExhibited at MTV Gallery, Sydney
Exhibited at MTV Gallery, Sydney
Bottle Label Mockup
Actual Finished Bottle