—project in Prague

This project is a project about identity. A project in which I researched the use and
need of objects within the matter of representation.

“Man invents, discovers, finds (eruisko), imagines (mekhane), and realizes what he imagines: prostheses, expedients. A pros-thesis is what is placed in front, that is, what is outside, outside what it is placed in front of. However, if what is outside constitutes the very being of what it lies outside of, then this being is <outside itself>. The being of humankind is to be outside itself.”

Since we don’t solely use our own body as the way to represent ourselves anymore, the
objects that add up to this representation become more and more important. By using
objects to represent ourselves, we naturally feel more attached to them. But the objects
have this additional meaning only within the context. Basically, we often create a bigger
meaning for objects than solely the description of their function. This phenomenon is
present since the very first made tool. As a result of this, some objects even loose their
original function. It gets overshadowed by the extended meaning we gave it to them.
In this case, the actual object has therefore become useless in it’s original function.
This set of objects that you own and feel attached to, represent you and the period
or moment you life in at that time. The objects are a time capsule. It is therefore not
about the specifics of every single individual object, but about the collection of them,
being connected to the owner. Everyone feels attached to different objects. But what
objects will be along their sides within this collection? The outlines or frame of our
collection is the thing that has a more elaborate story and meaning than solely the
pure use of the objects. Working with only the shapes of objects in stead of their true
appearance implies this prior perception of the collection of objects.
This blanket is inspired by such an object; for as long as I can remember I had a pink
blanket with a pattern embroidered on it. An object that has more value to me than
the literal warmth it offers me. For this work I recreated this blanket, capturing a distinct
time span. The pattern is a comprehensive summary of the objects that are now
meaningful to me, or have been meaningful for the past five months. An abstract representation
of me —outside myself.



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