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    Promo video for Leeds Rag Fashion Show 2013
Leeds Rag Fashion Show was an event I was involved in documenting and turning into a promotional video. Simon owner of the production company NodeGen Studios approached me last minute and asked me if I wanted to involved in the project which I accepted, along with Luca and Jamie

The work consisted of two evenings, the first a run through and the second the actual event. On the first evening as a group we noticed there were going to be some serious issues around filming the event due to the lighting which was suitably theatrical for the event, but difficult to work with whilst filming. We worked out the general layout and had two cameras up on the balconies and two on the floor of which I was operating one. Due to the packed nature of the event it was difficult to get good angles due to seating, people moving around and health and safety issues.

The turn around was a matter of 3 days and when I sat down to help Simon and Jamie with editing my computer unfortunately decided to have a breakdown, limiting me in helping. All in all it was certainly an experience of how arduous filming on location can be, carrying equipment, carrying it back, setting it up, packing it up, being on your feet for many hours and then technical faults that flare up in at the worst of times, but seeing the final video come together you get a real sense that it was all worth it.