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    graphics, animation and direction.

Luz Camera Pichacao Link.2011.

Graphic package for a graffiti film called LUZ CAMERA PICHACAO straight from Brazil.
Too bad i didn´t go to Brazil.... Anyway the guys over there send me 
some beautiful pictures of Rio, enough to get the work done for their project.
it was great to participate in such a project and to be able to deliver and solve their graphic needs. 

The film will be hitting some festivals in Europe so.. BEST OF LUCK!!!///


Original Music by Manga Fina.
Sound Edition by Fatima Araujo.
Sound Mixing by Alexandre Borges. 
Design and Animations by CeroTreees.
Script by Marcelo Guerra, Gustavo Coelho and Bruno Caetano.
co - Direction and Edition by Bruno Caetano.
Direction and Edition by Marcelo Guerra.
Direction and Research by Gustavo Coelho.

Produce by Have a nietzsche day Producoes.