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V ART E | Exhibition

V ART E | Branding

The art-project and group of 5 women-artists "V ART E" (eng. worthwhile) aims to show the works of the participants together in different environments and locations. The idea was to speak about the true value of what we create.
"What is encoded in this, fixed in the canvas, clot of emotions and feelings, in these smears and paints? What does everyone, who views and delves into the artist’s work experience, feel? It is exactly this, what is Worthwhile, that gives value and shapes the desire and purpose, worthy of your time, attention, thoughts and feelings."

The visual and design part of the exhibition project plays an inportant in transmission the idea and integrity of an art group.

Design: Sofia & Khrystyna Davydenko
Art director: Oleksandra Davydenko
Photo: Sofia Davydenko


The logo-symbol and font stylistics have to emphasize the uniqueness of each and comoun harmony, so to be independent and organizing in the same time. The created symbol combines the round form of unity, the number "5", letters "V" and "A". For the exposition were created information part, posters and handouts in the define stylistics.

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V ART E | Exhibition