Disney movie "Mulan" is finally going to be released worldwide.
Courage and power, independence and perseverance.
In this special period, We believe such a Chinese traditional story could motivate the whole world.
Xiaomi 10 has been launched a brand new color match: taking grey in Chinese traditional culture as the inspiration, it describes national customs.
In this campaign, we make Mulan spirit's courage and power in concert with the cellphone's display, integrating Chinese traditional elements like septal fenestra, silks and satins, drum.
Silks and satins at the beginning twist into the shape of "magnolia" 
- Mulan becomes herself.
Wish everyone have its own power, firmly and finely bloom. 
Mi10 x  "Mulan"  New View Video Credit
客户 Client: xiaomi
代理商 Agency: SeenVision
制作公司 Production House:SEEN Production
导演 Director: 邢啪啪
创意指导 Creative Director: 阿司匹琳
监制 Executive Producer: 樟脑玩
客户执行 Account Executive:兔兔
美术指导 Art Director: 小武 恬恬
三维动态设计 CGI Animation:邢啪啪
三维场景设计 CGI Scene Design:邢啪啪 小武
三维灯光、渲染、合成 CGI Lighting/ Rendering/ Compositing:邢啪啪 孙雨禾 刁含 白纸 王宇
特效 VFX:邱林 ben
模型 Phone Modeling:  黄吉鹏
剪辑 Editor:王宇
分镜 Storyboard:哲子
音乐 Music & Sound Design:袁思翰
创意、宣发设计整理:顾艺 pizza

Mi10 x "Mulan" New View Video Credit