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    Final project in Motion Design 2 at Art Center. Software:AE/C4D/PS/AI/AU
This motion piece is a title sequence for Slumdog Millionaire, an award-winning movie directed by Danny Boyle screened in 2008.
この作品は2008年に上映されたDanny Boyle監督作品「スラムドッグ・ミリオネア」のオープニングである。
Work as: Art Director, Motion Designer
Team up with: Hannah Kim, Kevin Alexander at Art Center College of Design
The objective of this motion piece is to create a chaotic and energetic atmosphere that a slum in India depicted in Slumdog Millionaire has with collage-style graphics and dynamic animations. All scenes metaphorically suggest key moments in the movie. Utilizing bills in India as key visual elements throughout the sequence makes all scenes unified.
The process shown above was a basic idea of how we develop the project. However, actual workflow was not linear; the phases and tasks were swapped, repeated or taken over when it was necessary to maximize its quality.