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    Illustration about abandoned Hashima island in the coast of Japan for the In Place show at Light Grey Art Lab gallery.
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About the show
"From the imaginary continent of Mu to the Illuminated Caves in Japan, the basin of the Congo River to the tip of Antarctica, In Place is an exhibition and limited edition artist book celebrating the most mysterious and awe-inspiring, historical and epic places on earth. These are the places that inspire us to travel, discover, and create. 
Made by Light Grey Art Lab, this collaborate artist book and project, features the work of nearly fifty concept artists, illustrators, and designers from all over the world. Each driven to capture their visual sanctuary and destination of choice. This is a true celebration of diversity, artwork, and our lust for place."
About Hashima Island
"Seen from a distance, Hashima Island might be mistaken for the Japanese counterpart of Alcatraz rising from the ocean like a ragged slab of concrete, or perhaps a gambling resort with deserted hotels. Few casual observers would ever guess that, only 40 years ago, this tiny island was the site of a thriving community with the highest population density on earth.
One among 505 uninhabited islands in Nagasaki Prefecture, Hashima lies in the East China Sea some 15 kilometers from Nagasaki, its naked crags striking a stark contrast with the verdant peaks of nearby islands. A closer look reveals clusters of unpopulated high-rise buildings pressing up against a man-made sea wall, a battered shrine at the top of a steep rock cliff, and not a single tree in sight.
The clue to the island's mystery lies in coal mining. Reached by long descending tunnels, coal beds below the bottom of the ocean near Hashima disgorged huge quantities of high-grade coal for almost a century. But in 1974 the inhabitants abandoned the island to the wind and salt spray, leaving behind only unneeded belongings and a few stray cats that could not be captured."

From  "Hashima: The Ghost Island"  by Brian Burke-Gaffney for Cabinet Magazine

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