Kupari is a village in Croatia on the Dubrovnik Riviera. It's home to the Kupari Tourist Complex, a disused military resort whose grand hotels were heavily shelled and severely damaged, devoured by flames in the Croatian War of Independence (1991-1995). It was subsequently abandoned. Real estate is wholly state owned and is administered by the Ministry of Defence. An international purchaser for this complex is being sought, at a price (around 400 million Euros). Redevelopment is expected to begin in 2014.
Before the war, the core business of the resort was its hotels: Pelegrin, Kupari, Grand, Goricina I and II, Mladost. That was about 2,000 beds in total, with the Kupari Camp ready for 4,500 more.
The façades of the buildings all show holes caused by shelling or shrapnel. The complete furniture and fittings were carried away or devastated. The entire resort stands poignantly abandoned and deserted on the most beautiful, deep, horseshoe bay of crystal clear waters, looking out to sea through it's empty window-eyes.
This series of projects on Behance details each of the major hotels in the complex.